Significant cost reduction with smart warranty photo tool

Lely International reduces handling and logistical costs with automated warranty determination application
  • 24% reduction of shipping costs of claimed items
  • 15% less time is needed for handling the warranty claims in the warehouse
  • 20.000 claims have been successfully processed in 2021 from users in 27 countries and counting

Lely International is a Dutch manufacturer of robots and data systems for dairy farming, serving clients in over 45 countries. The machines are shipped world wide from two production facilities. There are many components in the machine. If one fails, the component is shipped to the production facility to be checked for validity of the warranty. The packing, shipping and checking for warranty conditions is a labor intensive and costly process which Lely International wanted to simplify.

This warranty photo tool enables our franchisers to process the warranty claim much more efficient and with significant reduction of physical handling.

– Bas Oerlemans, Manager Business Support at Lely International


Experience Data fully developed and implemented this smart warranty application. This custom made Microsoft Azure Cloud based solution for Lely International eliminates the shipping from the warranty process and digitizes a big part of the claim handling.

The smart warranty application provides a (mobile) input side for the service centers to add all the components that need to be claimed. Using a custom OCR solution the serial number and production code are scanned from pictures of the item and stored for future reference. The digital claim is then translated into a signal for Lely International employees providing them with the claim context and an advice on the validity of the claim. The service center has a front-end overview of the result of their claims and the feedback of Lely International.


For Lely North America we are developing a custom made version, goal is to have it in use by the end of 2021. Then all the customers around the world are claiming via the warranty application. A second goal is to add all the remaining machine parts that meet the requirements to the warranty application.

Do you want to discover and operationalize the added value of your data?

This smart warranty application ensures a more efficient core process and improvement of the service aspect. By applying the Experience Data approach, we were able to extract valuable data for this customer and make it operational in a smart application.

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