Predictive assistance for claim handlers

Accidents vary

Determining the exact reserve amount an insurance company needs to set aside for a claim, especially in the case of bodily injuries, can be quite challenging. For instance, what might be the financial implications if a client is involved in a car accident and sustains a broken leg?

That’s why ILSA

We’ve introduced ILSA: an Intelligent Bodily Injury Claim Assistant that aids claim handlers with tailored advice on specific cases!

How Ilsa works?

Upon receiving a claim, ILSA immediately gathers the necessary data to estimate the prospective claim amount. If information is missing, she prompts the claim handler to supply the gaps. ILSA’s prediction relies on a random forecast model, enriched by years of ‘experience’ data gathered from claim handlers. Moreover, claim handlers’ feedback refines ILSA’s suggestions, ensuring she continually benefits from the collective information of her human peers. 

What that means for you?

ILSA works closely with her human colleagues and she learns from their feedback, leaving the claim handlers have more time to spend on complex cases.  

We’re eager to hear your data question!

Promise, we won’t have Chat GPT come up with the answer