Meet MADI the sustainable employability assistant.

Case summary

Sick leave is an ever growing problem in the healthcare industry. Care companies are facing the challenge of absenteeism in the work force, without knowing why this occurs this problem can never be fixed. Therefore absenteeism is on the rise.

The data

Healthcare companies are dealing with high absence percentages, combined with an already present shortage of staff. These two create a vicious circle of increasing workload, which again leads to an increase in absences. By properly managing this absence and giving the right attention to the right employees at the right time, a significant part of it can be prevented.


MADI is an assistant that helps companies manage sick leave better and, by doing so, improve sustainable employability. It does so by giving team leaders the right tools at the right time based on all available information about employees’ absences and work.

The solution

An assistant that supports team leaders in managing absence by:
1. Providing context around sick-leave notifications.
2. Supporting the team leader in following up on sick leave through notifications and advice.
3. Presenting qualitive data from different data sources regarding the employees work and the sick leave.
4. Saving the team leader’s experience and consideration and using in future absence cases.

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