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In the world of insurance, data is the compass guiding us forward. Leveraging data’s insights proactively allows for tailored strategies that prevent claims, optimizing operations and enhancing policyholder protection. Embrace a data-driven approach and chart a course toward a future where foresight sets the pace for insurance excellence.

Current challenges

Insurance companies face challenges like a shortage of experienced personnel, sustainability concerns, and increased claims. Our data solutions expertise helps bridge knowledge gaps, enhance claim prevention strategies, and prioritize sustainability. We design proactive insurance solutions and risk management strategies based on data, making claims processing easier and improving customer satisfaction.

How we help

As claim handling specialists, we view challenges as opportunities. Our approach to claim prevention is a continuous evolution, propelled by the wealth of data we gather. At Experience Data, we break down barriers by creating cross-departmental tools, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a collective effort towards effective claim prevention. We understand the importance of adaptability and offer fully customizable solutions tailored to your unique needs. With our innovative and flexible approach, claim prevention becomes an agile and dynamic process, reflecting your vision and priorities.

How does this work in practice?

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According to our clients

“Data analysis and data science are part of our daily work. Combining our own knowledge with Experience Data’s expertise and pragmatic approach in structuring and combining data, quickly leads to deeper insights and applicable solutions.” Jan Orthmann – Manager Pricing & Underwriting bij Nationale Nederlanden

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