Improve core processes with data-driven work

Convert insights from existing data into concrete actions to improve the operational core processes of an organization. Data driven means more than building a dashboard and extracting insights from it.

We go further by giving action-oriented advice to people within the company and helping them perform their daily activities

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Our view on data-driven work

The first step to data-driven work

Organizations use dashboards to gain insights. That is a nice first step for working in a data-driven way, but all those insights do not make it easier to take decisions. Insight without action is, after all, only dead weight. That is why we go one step further. We use these insights to reach concrete actions within an operational (core) process. Through these actions our customers make better operational decisions step by step, run their business processes more smoothly and empower people.

Benefits of working data driven supported by Experience Data



Employees receive specific advice and know exactly what to do. They are empowered because their decision is supported by data.
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Organically improving operational core processes, to better serve customers and make employees work smarter.
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The transformation to data-driven work requires a new and fun way of learning in the organization.


At a large healthcare institution, we demonstrated by analyzing current data what the possibilities are when this data is used to improve quality:
  • A more direct and objective relationship between productivity and the quality of the delivered care
  • A traceable relationship between productivity and team features, i.e. team stability, team
    composition with regard to level of education, age, experience, client mix, etc.
  • The ability to manage these characteristics to improve productivity.

Is my organization ready to work data-driven?

In our projects we often see that organizations think they do not have enough data or first need a new system before they can work data-driven. Usually this feeling is not based on actual facts and it appears that a lot of data is readily available to get started with optimizing the operational processes.


We believe that every organization is ready for data-driven work.

  • Often, the available data in an organization is more than sufficient to achieve a fundamental
  • Data supports with responding to a rapidly changing society and its needs ; you really get to
    know the customer.
  • Employees are empowered because complex decisions are supported by data.
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Cross-departmental approach

We maintain a broad perspective within our approach. The context surrounding a data issue is often broader than just the question asked. We notice that looking beyond the department helps enormously. So often we find data sources in other departments that were previously not widely known. This data often provides surprising context with which we can optimize the operational processes further.

Learning by doing in 3 steps

Starting quickly is easy: we have a clear and proven approach that guides you toward a successful
launch for working data-driven.

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Connect and discover the experiences that are hidden in the collective memory and structure them for optimal use.


Get action-oriented advice from experience data so that decisions are made smarter.


The work becomes more fun, because more attention is paid to what is important and that is how the organization creates impact.