Pro-active risk reduction with smart portfolio application

One of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands reduced their portfolio risks through a smart portfolio management application that cleans up and prevents unacceptable cases.

  • 20 insurance professionals actively use the portfolio management application
  • 20.000 unacceptable cases are in progress to be cleaned up rapidly

One of the biggest Dutch insurance companies was having trouble keeping their portfolio in line with the internal regulations. Due to frequently changing entry rules and inconsistencies in the registration process, the portfolio contained insurance policies which were unacceptable cases to comply with current regulations. 

This smart portfolio management application facilitates a process for Insurance professionals, that helps them prevent polluted portfolio cases and making decisions faster.

– Fatima Babat, Data Scientist at Experience Data

Internal struggle to clean the portfolio

The insurer has an internal data team that created a rules engine, classifying all existing underwriter policies as either acceptable or not acceptable. The team built a dashboard on top of this engine. However, cleaning of the portfolio, which is executed by the insurance specialists, was a struggle. So they were still looking for a way to manage the policies.


Experience Data reviewed the processes and presented a smart solution, that facilitates the insurance professional processing new cases and also prioritizes and signals polluted cases. Involving both the design experts in work processes and the UX of the application, resulted the application into a big adoption boost and accelerated the implementation within the core processes.

The application is incorporated (Microsoft Azure platform) in the Digital Assistant Platform and is known by the name EVA. By creating a custom signal engine that translates each output of the business rules engine into a signal that the insurance specialists can process independently to other systems, the process runs efficiently. The user interface and the assistant itself are designed in consultation with the future users of the application, ensuring that it fits their needs.


The smart portfolio management application EVA is developed with continuous deployment according to the Agile way of working. EVA is updated monthly, with UX improvements and new signal types being added on a regular basis.

Within the department, EVA will take over more of the tasks currently being handled in other systems, helping the users to work more efficiently and optimize the prioritizing of their work.

Currently, EVA is being extended to serve another department within the insurance company. The Assistant will help the Finance & Audit team with monitoring and control of damage claims, that deal with exceptional big mutations or negative reserve amounts.

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This smart warranty application ensures a more efficient core process and improvement of the service aspect. By applying the Experience Data approach, we were able to extract valuable data for this customer and make it operational in a smart application.

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