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VACANCY: Full Stack Developer

In our opinion, using data without a clear goal is useless. Do you agree with us and are you: a nice person with a sharp and critical perspective who loves to help others? Are you enthusiastic about working on new projects? Someone blessed with passion, humour and an open mind who is not easy to intimidate. Please do read on to potentially be our new DEVELOPER.

You role

  • Senior
  • Parttime/Fulltime

What we offer

  • Freedom
  • Energetic team
  • Free lunch
  • Laptop

About us

  • Agency, Scale-up
  • 25 Employees

Your role

Our team consists of diverse, international analysts that crack their brains over complex matters. That is how we design and build applications for companies, to help them operationalising Ai.

We are a continuously growing company, that rapidly moves from one project to another. The companies we work for range from education to insurance companies all the way to the fruit sector. The context of the projects is always changing, and so are the matters we are resolving, and this keeps us sharp. Chances of finding a routine are very small. To handle this dynamic, one needs to be stress resistant and willing to learn.

Being a developer at Experience Data means that you are involved with internal and external projects. You and your colleagues determine functional and non-functional requirements while collaborating with the front-end developers and other team members to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive software to enhance the user experience.

As a developer you are responsible for the full lifecycle of the project. From designing and creating a prototype, to the actual implementation and delivery of the software. Maintaining and improving existing applications and performing code reviews is also part of your responsibilities.

In cooperation with the data scientists, your colleagues, you can clearly communicate your ideas and thereby develop this backend and front-end. You can use your analyses and user-tests in a scalable way, to form this platform in the Azure Cloud.

Your profile

  • Manager of your own projects.
  • A team player but also not afraid to give your opinion.
  • Critical but constructive.
  • A strong link within a small team.
  • Not afraid of responsibilities.
  • A creative resolver of clients’ challenges.
  • Someone who sees, and understands, the bigger picture.
  • Someone who is adaptable and connects concept and implementation (broad outlines and details).
  • Someone who asks for clarification and forces us to ask the right questions.

Your skills

  • Background in Software engineering or Computer Science
  • At least 5 year experience with:
    • Python
      • FastAPI / Flask
      • Pydentic and Peewee is a plus
    • React (Javascript)
    • Agile/SCRUM
    • Test-driven development
    • Relational Databases (Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, etc)
    • GIT version control
    • Github actions (for ci/cd pipelines)
    • Docker (docker compose)
    • Azure Cloud services or another cloud provider

What we offer:

  • Lots of freedom.
  • An energetic, close team that is perfectly adapted to fit everyone in.
  • Challenging and alternating projects.
  • A steep learning curve, by not only improving (technical) content wise, but also improving your consultancy skills.
  • Innovative projects with recognizable impact for a great diversity of clients.
  • Relaxed work environment surrounded by start-ups and creative companies, joined by Friday afternoon drinks, bootcamps and picknick facilities.
  • Free lunches.
  • Market-conform salary and laptop.

In this job you’ll find

Depth, Influence and Energy


We help organizations with effectively operationalising Machine Learning, working with data and artificial intelligence. The connection between men and machine is central in our work.

  • Using “experience” data, it is our mission to create the optimal cooperation between men and machine.
  • With our help, employees make better decisions, so organizations can work smarter, be more effective and provide more working pleasure.

Experience Data is a young company enriched with experience and specialised in solving business problems with the help of Ai and Machine Learning. They do not only help individual organizations, but especially focus on supply chain partners, and even the entire network in which the organization functions. Because of their empathetic way of working, they create worth and bring on connections that one could never even dream of.

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