Insight without action = ballast

Avoid information overload; translate complex insights from experience data
directly into simple action-oriented advice

At Experience Data we have experience in the practical application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data science & big data in various sectors.

Marco de Jong, CEO Experience Data
Voorbeeld van hoe kunstmatige intelligentie werkt

Our mission is to ensure that people and machines work together in an optimal manner, based on experience data, so that an organization works better and more efficiently.

We help organizations with the effective application of:

Icoon die machine learning in kunstmatige intelligentie verbeeldt


Use experience data effectively with smart Machine Learning techniques to provide employees in the workplace with action-oriented advice for their daily work.
Icoon die data gedreven werken in kunstmatige intelligentie verbeeldt


Enable the organization to better respond to a rapidly changing environment by deploying collectively accumulated experience recorded in data in operational core processes.
Icoon van kunstmatige intelligentie en kunstmatige assistent


The artificial assistant is a digital colleague who gives action-oriented advice on repetitive and complex activities and collects and applies feedback.

Complex matter, simply explained

Everything about data is complex enough, we are happy to make it understandable

A unique collaboration between man and machine: the Artificial Assistant

For every issue you can draw on an ever-growing amount of information. But does this make your final decision easier? Or do you feel overwhelmed by all the insights? How cool would it be to have an assistant who helps you embrace the complexity of an issue? An assistant who takes in all the information and tells you exactly what you need to do. So that you make the best decisions and are more sure than ever before.

Our Artificial Assistants provide concrete advice on complex tasks

Did you know?


Icoon dat big data vergeeft
81% of companies do not know about the possibilities of big data


Icoon dat data analyse weergeeft
30% of the time is lost on the same complex considerations


Icoon dat artificial intelligence weergeeft
52% of companies do not know how to convert data into concrete advice