Learning from Experience

Prevent information overload; directly translate complex insights from experience data
into simple action-oriented recommendations. The technology supports people in using your organisation’s knowledge and experience for improved decision-making.

At Experience Data, we are well-versed in the practical application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data science & big data in a wide range of industries.

Marco de Jong, CEO Experience Data
Voorbeeld van hoe kunstmatige intelligentie werkt

Our mission is to let people and machines work together on the basis of experience data in the best possible way, allowing an organisation to be more fun to work in and perform better and more effectively.

We help organisations effectively apply:

Icoon die machine learning in kunstmatige intelligentie verbeeldt


Making effective use of experience data using smart Machine Learning technologies to provide action-oriented recommendations in the workplace for employees’ day-to-day activities.
Icoon die data gedreven werken in kunstmatige intelligentie verbeeldt


Enabling the organisation to better respond to a rapidly changing environment by putting data from collectively acquired experience to use in operational core processes.
Icoon van kunstmatige intelligentie en kunstmatige assistent


The artificial assistant is a digital co-worker who offers action-oriented recommendations for repetitive and complex activities, while collecting and applying feedback.

A complex topic, explained in simple terms

Everything surrounding data is more than complex enough, we like to make things

A unique collaboration between man and machine: the Artificial Assistant

No matter the issue, an ever-growing information pool is at your disposal. But does it really simplify your ultimate decision? Or does it feel like you’re drowning in a sea of insights? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an assistant to help you embrace the complexity of an issue? An assistant who absorbs all that information and tells you exactly what you need. Allowing you to make the best decisions with more confidence than ever before.

Our Artificial Assistants provide concrete recommendations on complex tasks

Did you know that?


Icoon dat big data vergeeft
81% of businesses is unaware of the possibilities that big data offers


Icoon dat data analyse weergeeft
30% of time is lost making the same complex judgement calls


Icoon dat artificial intelligence weergeeft
52% of businesses do not know how to convert data into concrete recommendations